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Published: 11th February 2010
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If you are into French culture and you collect antique clocks, chances are you are on a look out for antique French clock. You shouldn't have to look any further because the Internet will provide you with the information you need on the clock that you want to buy.

Take for example, a French ormolu mounted veined marble portico clock. Now this antique French clock is a best seller simply because of its elaborate designs and detailed finishing.

It also has a history behind these. The numbers on this particular antique French clock are inspired by Arabic art. The mechanisms consist of a two train movement that allows the bell to be struck every half hour.

The case surmounts the wreath that is the trademark of this specific antique French clock.

There is another one that comes with cast flowering plants on a galleried demi lune platform that is supported by columns. Together with the antique French clock, the designs are surmounted by wreaths, and enameled dials with the matching pair of urns.

Now these designs are very eye catching and they literally declare the antique French clock to anyone who wants to include these to their collections.

Another antique French clock that stands out in anyone's collection is the 19th century French ormolu and white marble clock garniture. It has a clock with circular dial, twin winding holes, numerals, and eight-day movement.

It strikes on a bell and the square tapered base has an applied ormolu decoration on the plinth base has a cast brass feet. The two-light candelabra are also modeled as flowering and leafy stems.

The fine French brass-cased four glass mantel is the trademark of most designs. Most of these models have white-enamelled Arabic chapter rings with swag decorations.

The framing of the gilt centers the designs and literally shows the collector that this is a piece worth obtaining.

The arched cases come up with a beveled glazing and cast foliage and the flaming torches and quivers of arrows on four block feet of the h mercury and two-jar pendulum.

Finally, the late 19th century rouge of the marble clock garniture of an antique French clock is surmounted by gilt that has a bronze eagle and serpent with an applied ormolu floral decoration.

The pair of classical rouge marble urns are then upon square molded rouge marbles. These elaborate decorations are what set the antique French clock apart from the rest.

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