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Published: 17th February 2010
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It is funny how people could afford to get expensive laptops yet they carry them in very cheap laptop bags. All around the world you would find people using laptops from such expensive brands.

They are mostly used by business men, self employed people such as managing directors and mostly company's executive officers. From day to day basis these people carry them to run their errands all over the place.

It all starts at their homes then to the offices then to all the meetings they have during the entire day. It is such a concern that such expensive devices are often mishandled by the bags in which they are carried.

When one buys a laptop from an original dealer, it must definitely come with a whole package from the cables, the charger and even the laptop bag itself. One carries the package home knowing that the product they bought is worth what they spent.

But what they do not know is the bags they are sold to carry the exclusive laptop does not really guarantee the safety of their laptops.

The reason as to why this happens is because people would know how to market the laptops but do not care about the maintenance of it. All they care is about the money they make once they sell the laptops.

Cheap laptops bags are acquired also through stolen laptops from offices or banks during robberies that have increased alarmingly all over the world. They are then sold to others that would rather buy an expensive gadget at a cheap price knowing very that cheap things always end up being expensive.

The people who steal these laptops go to buy cheap laptop bags in order to make a greater profit once they sell them. They also buy other products that may come hand in hand if the laptop was to be bought from an original dealer shop such include operating soft wares and driver CD's.

The sad part of the story is that some people end up being conned and they buy these laptops at very expensive prices.

They then carry them from floor to floor in their offices or as they run their errands then after a month or so then all at once the bags fall into two and end up damaging the laptop.

Well this remains to be a lesson learnt by quite a few in the world but they end up buying new laptops or laptop bags that are expensive but are durable and worth the money they spent.

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