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Published: 23rd February 2010
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Coach continues to offer different designs of handbags for their customers. Lately, they have released coach Op Art handbags for the artists. What's more, these designs are less expensive than the usual Coach handbags.

Because of this, cheap Op Art handbags from Coach are fast becoming a hit in the retailer market.

The Op Art designs were actually inspired by this kind of artwork in the 1960s. This is interesting considering that Coach handbags were first inspired by a brown shopping bag.

This only comes to show that just because something is not as haute couture as what most people would deem it to be, it wouldn't influence creative minds to come up with fashion bags for it. Cheap Op Art handbags are fashion statements that this is possible.

To give you a background on Cheap Op Art handbags, the design of these purses are basically rooted from the art form that was taken by the artists during that movement.

They used geometric shapes and loud colors in order to catch the eye of the onlooker. This is quite effective on purses that are displayed in shopping malls.

With designs and colors that are not considered conventional, cheap Op Art handbags stand out. This is also very appropriate for handbag users who want to be different from the other people who love handbags as well.

With the cheap coach Op Art handbags, there is not a high chance for them to cross paths with someone who also has the same bag as they do.

With Coach, the Op Art designs utilize bright palette and clean background to come up with something quite new in the bag industry.

This technique works. There are handbag lovers who do a double take whenever the cheap Op Art handbags are displayed. But there are conventional lovers who simply can't understand the step away from the traditional design of the Coach handbags.

But just like any handbags manufactured by the leading company, the cheap Op Art handbags from Coach still contain the trademark C.

As for the specs, the cheap Op Art handbags are very multifunctional because it can be used as a shoulder bag and a satchel.

It has a convertible strap that easily snaps to the bottom of the bag and is carried as a satchel. It really depends on how the user prefers to use it.

The cheap Op Art handbags also have multifunctional pockets. Anyone can put his paraphernalia in these containers and secure her privacy. There are ring to clip accessories and a zip top closure. The fabric also protects the bag from moisture.

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