Natural Ovarian Cysts Removal

Published: 09th October 2009
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Sadly to say, 85% women in this world suffer at once time in their life have suffered what called ovarian cysts. Ovarian cyst is a swelling condition inside the ovaries; the vast majority of ovarian cysts will not turn into cancerous condition.

But still the effect upon your life quite noticeable causing abdominal discomfort, painful and excruciating pain up to the most extreme case when the cysts ruptured that can threaten your life.

1. The Simple Cause Of Ovarian Cysts

Believe it or not the cause of ovarian cysts is simple: your food consumption. Your food consumption is the main cause of ovarian cysts, pay attention to the consumption of caffeine. You might need it to finish your work, but it can do poorly upon your body.

Avoid all drinks that contain caffeine such as coffee.

The second food that can take a toll upon your body in form of ovarian cysts is dairy product. Dairy product is needed to give energy for your day to day activities, but the excess consumption of it will cause cysts to occur.

2. Why You Should Choose Natural Treatment Over Medical Treatment

To cure ovarian cysts you can choose whether to use natural treatment or medical treatment.

Medical treatments usually use birth control pill to remove your ovarian cyst, however this usually result in temporary result, and surgery despite its popularity rarely give you permanent result either.

Surgery has been known for the prolonged side effect that you will get after taking surgery, whenever possible always avoid surgery and choose natural treatment.

It might takes some time usually 2 to 6 months before you start seeing some progress but the result you will get later on will be justifiable.

3. Ease Your Pain With Herbal Tea

Several teas can help ease the pain caused by ovarian cysts, for instance; herbal tea, chamomile tea and raspberry tea.

For maximum effect you should drink these teas combined with awareness over caffeine and dairy product. Consuming caffeine and dairy product can actually make your pain even worse.

4. Conclusion

85% women in this world have at once point in their life experienced ovarian cysts fortunately the vast majority of ovarian cysts will not lead to cancerous condition. Still ovarian cysts can distract you from your day to day activities.

Unless your ovarian cysts have reached an extreme case you should choose natural treatment over surgery or medical treatment.

Several teas than can help ease your pain are: herbal tea, chamomile tea, and raspberry tea.

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